About Us

Greetings all our readers and welcome to websourd.org!

We call our group “Web Sourd”. “Web” symbolizes the internet where we all met as bloggers and “sourd” is a French word that literally means “deaf”.

We came up with this web concept based on our group’s common nature and temperament. Basically, we are all individuals who don’t conform to the norms of the society.

We consider ourselves distinct and unique in our own ways because we’re figuratively deaf to the mainstream.

We don’t go with the social media hypes and online fanfares. Instead, we shift our attention and ears to the unconventional side of things – like in areas where social interaction and dating are concerned.

Get to know the team behind Web Sourd!

Meet Our Team


Cara is an “online relationship” blogger who considers herself eccentric and bizarre in a lot of ways. Her most unique characteristic is her extraordinary fashion sense.

She’s the youngest in our group at 25; she’s single and identifies herself as queer. She’s not in a relationship right now but she has the most romantic and alluring personality among us.


Dan is the most creative member of the team whose most noticeable character is his mysterious aura.

He’s currently in a relationship with his computer meaning he’s not all about human and emotional commitments at the moment. To feed his social life, he calls the chat lines.


Leslie is the team’s motivator. She shifts from Singapore to Miami at least 3 to 4 times a year due to her work as an I.T. Consultant.

She’s the wealthiest member of the team who cannot figure out exactly if she’ll ever have the time and energy for relationships and commitment.


I’m Rob and I’m also the founder of our team. I identify myself as an average guy who enjoys phone interaction more than anything.

After a series of failed relationships, I discovered the chat lines where I had quite a lot of great conversations with random strangers. It is how I’ve managed to move on from the heartbreaks and disappointments in my relationships.

Join us as we share with you unconventional means of enriching the social, romantic and sexual aspects of your life.

Being different should not get in the way of balancing the various aspects of your life. Social interaction can be done in a lot of ways other than physically approaching random people.

Remember that being busy, introvert or shy should never get in the way of having new and rewarding experiences. So get out of your comfort zone now and start meeting new people that can make a difference in your life.

And lastly, don’t be afraid if you happen to be different from the others. Be you and be original.